Reduce burnout, turnover, and stress-related illness. Increase productivity and engagement.

Journey is a powerful Stress Management & Mental Wellbeing Program.  Like physical fitness for the body, our mental fitness program trains people to focus and calm their mind, giving them the ability to better manage stressful situations. 

  • REDUCE BURNOUT: Meditation in the workplace led to a 36% decrease in stress levels - Duke University

  • REDUCE STRESS-RELATED ILLNESS: Meditation led to a 43% reduction in the use of health services - Massachusetts General Hospital

  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Meditation led to 69 minutes of productivity gained per employee per week - Aetna

  • INCREASE ENGAGEMENT: Meditation made employees happier and more in touch with what they loved about their jobs - University of Wisconsin



Our Stress Management & Mental Wellbeing Program combines online and offline learning in a powerful way.

For the Employees:

  • Live 30-Minute Journey Classes: Whether in-office or virtually, team members enjoy 30-minute Journey classes taught live by one of our certified Journey Meditation teachers.

  • Journey Meditation App: Team members can take the practice home with them, meditate anytime they'd like, track their progress, and interact with the live classes.

For the Organization:

  • Business Impact Metrics: Measure the success of the program with metrics such as Stress, Productivity, and Quality of Life.

  • Customized Communication Strategy: We produce customized materials including email copy, posters, and RSVP links to communicate the program and drive maximum engagement. We manage everything for you; all you need to do is breathe.



Across all clients in the Journey Meditation Corporate Program, participants reported:

  • 10% increase in productivity

  • 14% increase in focus

  • 20% reduction in stress

Humana conducted a clinical study on the Journey Stress Management & Mental Wellbeing program. Compared to the previous month, participants missed 51% less work and reported:

  • 11% improvement in being able to control irritations in their life

  • 12% improvement in feeling on top of things

  • 16% reduction in feeling nervous and stressed

  • 17% reduction in feeling unable to control the important things in their life

  • 18% reduction in being angered because of things that were outside of their control

  • 38% improvement in feeling confident about their ability to handle their personal problems

Morgan Stanley surveyed their employees after the Journey program.

  • 77% of employees reported increased energy levels

  • 100% of employees reported reduced stress

  • 100% of employees reported improved mood

  • The workshops we’ve done together have not only taught our employees how to find a calm inner peace in the workplace but have also served as a great tool for transforming personal lives.
    — Zac Felsenstein, Head of Employee Experience, Warby Parker
  • Our partnership with Journey Meditation has been nothing short of amazing. Participation and enthusiasm from our employees far exceeded our expectations!
    — Deirdre Johnson, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Houlihan Lokey
  • I can’t think of many more pressured work environments than a law firm. Journey Meditation has provided an outlet for our staff… by way of an inviting, accessible meditation process.
    — Ronald H. Shechtman, Managing Partner, Pryor Cashman LLP