Join Us at Journey

It's an exciting time here at Journey Meditation! After leading over 5,000 workshops across the U.S. and London, we’re expanding our reach and building the world’s first Live Group Meditation App (think Peloton, for meditation!)

We’re looking for a select group of dynamic teachers that are eager to spread the powerful benefits of meditation, know how to connect with a diverse group of students and bring positive energy and passion to all that they do!


Journey believes in the power of community and we show up for our teachers just as we expect them to show up for their students. When you join the team, you have the opportunity to:

  • Scale your impact by teaching large audiences on the Journey LIVE app, working with thousands of students tuning in from around the world to guide them in their practice, answer their questions and witness their transformation

  • Teach at organizations ranging from Fortune 500s like Nike, Facebook and Google, to law firms and investment banks, charter schools, hospitals, and nonprofits

  • Be a part of an engaged teacher community sharing experiences and gathering for a monthly teacher lounge hosted by David Nichtern

  • Make meditation a sustainable livelihood through compensation for teaching, writing and other special projects

  • Grow your personal brand with us as we feature you prominently on our website, in app, across social, including Instagram takeovers, Live Q&A’s and shared quotes, and give you a platform to promote your passion projects to our loyal growing audience

  • Raise your profile as a thought leader in meditation through press opportunities, speaking engagements at events and content collaborations where you can shape your unique POV


We look for teachers with a unique set of qualities and experience to lead Journey classes:

  • Experienced: At least 2 years of meditation teaching under your belt, making you perceptive and attentive to students’ needs

  • Engaging: Able to hold student’s attention, connecting with them and empowering them through your teaching

  • Open-Minded: Your growth mindset allows you to take in feedback and you approach your work with curiosity and candor

  • Open-Hearted: Your generosity of spirit enables you to be in service of your students in a caring and supportive way

  • Representative: You live this practice in and out of the classroom and can bring real world, relatable experiences to bear

About Journey

Journey is on a mission to help all people live happier, healthier lives. We believe in the power of human connection so we're creating the world's largest meditation community, both online and off. We teach in 13 cities around the world, at organizations like Facebook, Nike, and Disney, as well as through the Journey Live app.  We have partnered with the best and the brightest in the industry, from David Nichtern to Sharon Salzberg and Tal Ben-Shahar to shape the Journey experience (read about our advisors here). Our mission is to have everyone in the world meditating by 2030.

  • Our core values are incredibly important to us and should align with yours

    • Keep It Simple. We value clarity, ease and understanding.

    • Be Authentic. We live what we teach and are genuine in everything we do.

    • Lead with Compassion. We are caring and gentle with ourselves and others.

    • Community First. We believe we are stronger when we come together to learn, share, and support each other.


What practices do we teach?

Secular mindfulness. We offer a format that's worked well in our experience, especially in corporate environments, but always encourage our teachers to bring their own authentic teaching style to their classes, while keeping the practice simple, approachable and secular.

How long are classes?

Journey Live classes on the app are 15 minutes and include a warm welcome, shared wisdom, an 8-9 minute meditation and Q&A with the students.

Corporate classes are 30 minutes and center around monthly themes, such as a Balance, Resilience or Communication.

Who attends classes?

We have a wide variety of students attend classes with varying levels of meditation experience. We are inspired (and hope you are too!) to expose people to meditation that might never have encountered it before, whether it be underrepresented communities, single parents who work full time, nonprofit employees who cannot afford retreat, or just generally inexperienced students eager to learn.

What training do you offer teachers?

We take a select group of experienced meditation teachers and train them on the Journey approach and philosophy both in-person and virtually when they join the team. We are consistently available to workshop shares or teaching moments and every teacher has access to the monthly Teacher Lounge with David Nichtern.

What teaching opportunities are currently available?

On the Journey Live app we are building out classes within these formats:

  • Daily Journey Classes: Daily drop-ins at specific times with a consistent vibe and practice
  • Community Classes: Weekly classes for specific groups, for example New Moms, LGBTQ+, People of Color or Entrepreneurs
  • Special Events: Guest teachers, Q&As and fireside chats with influencers, activists, artists, and more!
  • Courses: Deeper dives into topics and themes relevant to our community

In corporate, we sell subscriptions that are 13, 26 and 52 weeks in length so are always recruiting as we onboard new clients in different cities. Students develop a connection with our teachers, and renewing clients often request the same teacher, so we look for teachers available to commit with regularity.

I'm ready. How do I apply?

To apply, please fill out the following form and we will reach out via email with next steps.