Journey is on a mission to help people live happier, healthier lives through meditation.  We’re passionate about changing the world and are looking for great team members to help us fulfill our mission. 


About Us

Journey is on a mission to help people live happier, healthier lives through meditation. TechCrunch called us the “Peloton for Meditation” and Alleywatch referred to us as “A Meditation Studio in the Palm of Your Hand.” We’re currently streaming live daily on the Journey LIVE app and teaching at organizations in 20+ cities and quickly growing, Journey’s heart and soul is its supportive and inclusive community. Our expert teachers host in person and online classes bringing together our community through meditation.

Our company culture is immensely important to us and we look for people who will support and build it.

  • We are an emotionally safe environment where we show up authentically and bring our whole self to work. We are safe to take risks, be vulnerable in front of each other, and make mistakes.

  • We believe in continuous personal and professional growth and we will do our part to help you on that journey.  Feedback is not helpful but required.  Only through open, compassionate feedback can we grow.

  • Team members are fully empowered and take ownership for doing high-quality, on-time work. We all have full responsibility for the organization’s success; if we sense that something needs to happen, we have a duty to address it.

  • We are optimistic and see the glass as 3/4 full.  We believe that the power of our mission and effort will allow us to flourish.  We focus on strength more than weaknesses and opportunities more than problems.  

  • We trust our team fully and our business information is shared openly with all team members.

To Apply

Please go to Workable and keep your application conversational as we want to get to know you. :)